Carriers of What? The Things Covid-19 Cannot Change.

What you carry with you

As the stories of Covid-19 floods our news feeds, papers, televisions, and daily conversations, one thing we keep hearing over, and over, is that a person can be a carrier of the illness and never even know. It is a scary thought, and one that is bringing with it a bevy of restrictions and upheaval of routines. It is a thought, however, that should also remind us of the many valuable characteristics we also carry.

Carriers of hope
Right now, the world is in upheaval, the likes of which most people alive have never seen. There is desperation, uncertainty, and fear. But if you open your eyes and really look for it, there is also hope. As spring starts to appear, there are signs of hope all around us. In many parts of the country, tiny green plants are beginning to push through the soil completely unaware of the crisis the world they are entering is enduring right now.  In addition, the birds are returning to their summer homes, filling feeders and making nests for their young. Every day, nature is bringing forth new life. With it comes the hope of renewal and the reminder that despite the current state of world in which they are entering, they will still bloom and grow.

Carriers of kindness
Being kind is a choice. There are many times in our lives that it is easier to take out our frustration on the world around us. In these moments, it is important to remember that people are watching. They are taking note of our reactions, they are learning from our example. This is especially important when it comes to our children. They will remember this time in their lives. We have the power to make it a good memory, filled with moments of love and happiness, and above all, the kindness and compassion of those around them.

Carriers of wellness
It goes without saying that times of stress can wreak havoc on our physical and mental well-being. In the midst of the current health crisis, it can be very easy to sit on the couch and binge-watch Netflix. A disrupted sleep schedule, unhealthy eating habits, and an overall feeling of uncertainty can all create a mindset of “hibernation.” If you haven’t already, take a moment and tell yourself, tell your body, tell your mind, that now is the perfect time to start a habit of wellness. As the constant barrage of memes and social media posts remind us, going outside is not cancelled, neither is playing with the kids, walking the dog, taking a hike, or going on a run. We have each been given an opportunity to really focus on ourselves, pamper ourselves, eat well, and exercise. The busy lives we normally live are not as forgiving with our schedule…the time you have right now is a gift…use it well.

 Carriers of humanity
Now more than ever, we need to let our friends and family know that we are in this together. The crisis is not limited to a country, race, gender, faith, educational background, or even age. No one is immune to impact of this virus. While we have been inundated with difficult stories, we have also been witnesses to the goodness in this world, the stories that show us above everything else, we are all human, and for once, we are all fighting the same enemy. A grandmother meeting her new granddaughter through a closed window at her senior living center, neighbors creating a birthday parade for a five-year-old who had to cancel his party plans, people firing up old sewing machines to make surgical masks for those on the front lines – everyone is joining together, trying to make the situation just a little more bearable, while still maintaining an appropriate social distance.

Covid-19 has created a huge rip in the fabric of our lives. It has changed our plans; it has caused many to feel isolated and scared. And, while we will never have an accurate statistical picture of who carried the disease, we can choose to be people who are carriers of all the good things that come from this time of crisis. So, while you are social distancing, sheltering in place, or even quarantining, consider the opportunity that Covid-19 has given you to be a better version of yourself, and remember all the amazing things you carry with you.