Art With Impact presents: Physical Health + Mental Health Short Films

This short films screening is a showcase of the winners of a special film competition sponsored by AB Korkor Foundation for Mental Health and hosted by Art With Impact. Each film explores a different intersection between physical health and mental health.

Like Minded

Two friends Jeremiah and Aska empathize with each other over similar childhood traumas, and mental health struggles and bond through a shared appreciation for biking. The chaotic and blurry film aesthetic expresses their struggle within, while they find balance through biking.

Content heads-up: mention of childhood trauma

Director: Jeremiah Reyes

Where The Noise Ends

Two people with very different mindsets set out on the same route.

Content heads-up: Suicide Ideation, Interrupting suicide attempt

Written/Directed/Shot and Edited by Lee D. Barnes
CAST – Dan Mullan and Jessica Kewley

Catching Breath

In the midst of a pandemic, individuals in Scotland take the plunge in cold water swimming, exploring how much it can help them manage depression and anxiety while supporting their physical health too.

Content heads-up: mention of anxiety, pandemic- related isolation

Writer/Producer  – Bruce Murray
Narrator – Karen Bartke
Swimming Groups: Wild Dookers, Nairn Selkies, Hopeman Mermaids, Moray Wild Swimmers, and Anne Murray

Back To Myself

A man opens up about his experience post-amputation and how he found ways to focus on supporting his mental health alongside his physical health.

Content heads-up: Depression, discussion of a finger amputation

Director: Jeff Bartlett

Pas De Deux

A young woman comes to terms with her new disability.

Content heads-up: Audio of a car crash and sirens

Director: Emilie Cheung


"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."
Mahatma Gandhi
Mahatma Gandhi